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Message to Students and Staff:

I am very excited to be the principal of Strawtown Elementary School! It is such an exciting time in a child's learning journey. They enter kindergarten with enthusiasm, joy and curiosity. By the time they graduate in Grade 5, they are ready to assert themselves as more independent learners and people who are equipped with a diverse set of skills and knowledge to help them succeed in middle school and beyond. 

Learning is only sometimes a linear process, especially with elementary students. There will be times of great joy, personal success and frustration. Our students need to experience these moments in and out of the classroom as it all helps them form crucial skills, develop flexibility, and understand that mistakes and challenges are part of the learning process. Our responsibility as caring adults in their lives is to celebrate, support and be patient with these children. In meeting the outstanding educators and staff here at Strawtown, I am confident that each one is committed to helping your child grow, learn and succeed during their time here.

I look forward to partnering with every family to ensure you feel listened to and respected as community members. Diversity of perspective makes us stronger as a society. We may have differing views at times, but let us always enter every conversation from a place of respect, engage in open and honest communication, listen to each other and collaboratively problem-solve. If we do, our children will flourish in a supportive environment. When students leave Strawtown, they will be able to reflect on their elementary journey with joy and gratitude.

Children bring joy, laughter and unique talents to a building where we can all learn from each other! 


Colin Andersen

Colin Andersen

Bell Schedule

Pupils are admitted at 7:52am; the school day begins at 8:05am and ends at 2:35pm.